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Walnut & coffee cakes

January 15th, 2013


So, it is definitely January. Near freezing. Bouts of drizzly sleet. Not quite cold enough for ‘proper’ snow but cold enough to need comforting cake with your tea. My cake of choice today (always changes) would have to be a nut one. Nuts over fruit flavours at this time of year, with the exception of rhubarb, naturally.

This recipe is not the type of coffee and walnut cake Nigel Slater talks about having for his last supper. I love a butter cream but not necessarily a heavily flavoured one. The walnut comes first here, coffee second. This is a richer and dense yet light, less sugary, simpler flour less version that you can add a little frosting to but it really doesn’t need it. You can use coffee essence instead of fresh espresso, adjust depending on how ‘coffee’ you want it. You can also play around with different nuts to alter the flavours, try hazelnuts or pecans. They can be made individual cases as pictured, just take them out of the oven after about 30 mins.

Right, kettles boiled. Time for tea and my choice of cake.




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