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Niknok’s spicy carrot chutney

November 27th, 2012


Christmas pudding? Personally, I get far more excited about making up a jar of this and leaving it to ‘brew’ for a month or two, if I can bare to wait that is. I made this first one year when I needed a something to serve up with my home made sausage rolls and that something was never going to be ketchup.

I adapted a recipe from Sophie Gregson by adding onions, fresh ginger and more spice, so it’s got a good kick with out going chilli crazy. The carrots retain a crunch so it works perfectly with most cheese board wedges; particularly cheddar, brie and feta, oh and of course it’s great with those sausage rolls.

I make it all year round but around now with darker sugar and even more spice to intensify the rich flavours, making it even more festive for stocking filler gifts. In fact, I’d say it tastes just like Christmas.


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