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Set lunches












Our set menu choices are £18.00 per head. They include a main option, vegetarian, three sides, sourdough and a cake slice. They are all low gluten. Ring Nikki on 07737 905400 to discuss what you need and any allergen specifics to your booking. 

Menu 1

Chicken “bandari” baked in spiced yogurt (gf)

Baked mushrooms topped with feta & herbs  (v)(gf)

Battata Harra potatoes (v)(gf)

Warm cumin aubergines & green beans (v)(gf)

Red zesty slaw (v)(gf)


Menu 2

Spiced fish kofte*  (gf)

Sweet potato wedges with oregano & feta  (v)(gf)

Baked courgettes, tomatoes and chickpeas (v)(gf)

Broccoli, green beans in tahini (v)(gf)

Radish & beet slaw (v)(gf)


Menu 3

Lamb & beef meatballs in paprika tomato sauce (gf)

Green beans, butternut, spinach chickpeas and black onion seeds (v)(gf)

Fresh herb “Tahdig” butter rice (v)(gf)

Charred mushrooms, courgettes, red onion & peppers (v)(gf)

Rocket carrot slaw (v)(gf)


Menu 4

Sumac chicken with green tahini sauce & pine nuts (gf)

Spiced Persian rice (v)(gf)

quinoa, mint & feta falafel (v)

Oven baked tomato with chilli and ginger (v/gf)

Red cabbage carrots & seeds (v)(gf)


Menu 5

Salmon “Chraimay” in paprika garlic tomatoes* (gf)

Rice with orzo (v/gf)

Fennel & red pepper bake (v)

Broccoli, chard & green beans (v)(gf)

Carrots & courgettes with coriander & seeds  (v)(gf)


Menu 6

Red pepper chicken with walnut salsa (gf)

“Mechoua” braised veg with goats cheese (v)(gf)

Herbed mushroom & squash quinoa (v)(gf)

Spiced butternut & beet wedges with “zhoug” pesto (v

Crispy zested kale (v)(gf)


Menu 7

Butternut chicken chickpea tagine (gf)

Herbed wild rice (v/gf)

Goats cheese, red pepper & walnut puffs (v/gf)

Green beans & aubergine (v/gf)

Crunchy slaw (v/gf)


Menu 8

Tomato & mint beef kofte meatballs  (v)(gf)

Wild rice with chickpeas (v)

Filo chard shakashuka pie (v)

Turmeric cauliflower & aubergines with mint (v)(gf)

Crunchy vegetables with tahini with seeds (v)(gf)


* responsibly sourced from sustainable fisheries.