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Set lunches


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Our set menu choices are £18.00 per head. They include a main option, vegetarian, three sides, sourdough and a cake slice. They are all low gluten. We can adapt each one to make it vegetarian or vegan, dairy, egg or nut free. Ring Nikki on 07737 905400 to discuss your needs and any allergen specifics to your booking. 


Menu 1

Grilled schwarma chicken with tahini yogurt sauce (gf)

Sweet paprika potato wedges (gf/v)

Halloumi courgette fritters (gf/v)

Grilled corn, avocado, radish & tomato (gf/v)

Redslaw (gf/v)



Menu 2

Griddled sumac salmon (gf)

Wild rice, rocket, pine nuts (gf/v)

Broccoli & cheese tart (gf/v)

Beetroot, spinach, asparagus & pea salad (gf/v)

Carrots, radishes & courgettes with zest & herbs (gf/v)



Menu 3

Paprika chicken & little gem caesar salad (gf/v)

Avocado tomatoes herbs & quinoa (gf/v)

Spiced cauliflower, tomatoes, pine nuts & halloumi salad (gf/v)

Fennel & radishes with nigella seeds (gf/v)

Mange tout, green beans & sugar snap salad (gf/v)



Menu 4

Ginger chicken with spring onions & lemongrass (gf)

Fresh summer rolls with coconut peanut satay sauce (gf/v)

Broccoli, green beans and spiced baked tofu (gf/v)

Beansprout herbed salad (gf/v)

Basmati Rice (gf/v)


Menu 5 

Beef & pomegranate kebabs (gf)

Aubergine & red pepper fettah with yoghurt & pine nuts (v)

Herbed “Tahdig” rice (gf/v)

Baked courgettes with spiced chickpeas & mint (gf/v)

Tomatoes, red onon, black olives, parsley with feta (gf/v)



Menu 6

Ginger herbed fish kofte*  (gf)

Smashed turmeric baked potato with spring onion (gf/v)

Radish, pea, carrot sprout & avocado with coriander & seeds (gf/v)

Baked cauliflower with courgettes & green lentils (gf/v)

Rye Sourdough



Menu 7 

Stuffed aubergines with beef & pine nuts (gf/v)

Buttered spiced rice (gf/v)

Tomato & roasted lemon salad (gf/v)

Baked mushrooms & red peppers with rocket (gf/v)

“Kuku” Frittata (gf/v)



Menu 8

Chicken, green bean & aubergine stew (gf)

“Battata harra” spicey potatoes (gf/v)

Spinach filo pie (v)

Fennel, savoy, red pepper salad (gf/v)

Chilli Broccoli (gf/v)





* responsibly sourced from sustainable fisheries.