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Hazelnut & almond cakes

October 17th, 2012


Nuts. I am a sucker for nuts. Particularly the hazelnut. If I was going to describe what early autumn tastes like, it would be ‘like golden pan-roasted hazelnuts’, if I was Nigella gushing on her new show that is.

This little recipe – and it really is little – comes from a very good French friend of mine who treated me with it as a ‘must try’ when I was new to baking. It is Le Creusois from the Creuse region in France. She adapted her recipe by replacing the flour with ground almonds. Another of those simple recipes where you can count the ingredients on one hand with just butter, sugar, ground nuts and well whipped eggs. Slow baked and on low, the result is more of a torte; dense and m-word, delicate yet nutty and textured. I keep two of the yolks in mine but otherwise it’s the same.

I have made many variations of this; pistachios work with the almonds for the summer and all-almond is lovely scattered with a few raspberries. Next I may try adding a bit of cocoa or even a brown sugar with pecans for the late, darker autumn.

Now, I wonder how Nigella would describe that?

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